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Kawasaki cone crushers, also known as Hyundai, IMS Crushers, and Cougar Crushers

Have been a cornerstone in the crushing industry for decades. These machines are renowned for their strength, durability, and efficiency. Sanland Equipment is proud to offer extensive support for a wide range of Kawasaki cone crusher parts, ensuring that these robust machines continue to perform throughout their lifetime.

Impressive Durability and Performance

Kawasaki cone crushers are known for their exceptional strength, with some models still operational from the 1960s. These crushers are equipped with “spider arms,” allowing them to handle larger feeds compared to Symons or HP cone types. Despite the large feed, they maintain a good reduction ratio, capable of producing a 20mm down product in a closed circuit.

Advanced Features

  1. Hydroset Style Cone: Similar to Sandvik, offering advanced technology for better performance.
  2. Large Feed Capacity: Can handle larger feeds, ensuring higher efficiency and productivity.
  3. Good Reduction Ratio: Capable of reducing feed size significantly while maintaining product quality.

Comprehensive Parts Support

Sanland Equipment supports most parts for Kawasaki cone crushers, ranging from sizes 800 to 1800. While Kawasaki originally manufactured these parts, the current market relies heavily on aftermarket options. Sanland Equipment ensures the availability of these vital parts, keeping your machinery running smoothly.

Kawasaki cone crushers are widely used in the New Zealand and Australian markets. Many mobile Kawasaki plants, supplied by Southern Screenworks from New Zealand, utilize these reliable crushers, underscoring their popularity and efficiency.

Full Range of Models Supported

Sanland Equipment supports a comprehensive range of Kawasaki cone crusher models:

Kawasaki 800 Series

  • Kawasaki 800L
  • Kawasaki 800N

Kawasaki 1000 Series

  • Kawasaki 1000S
  • Kawasaki 1000L
  • Kawasaki 1000G
  • Kawasaki 1000Z

Kawasaki 1200 Series

  • Kawasaki 1200S
  • Kawasaki 1200L
  • Kawasaki 1200G
  • Kawasaki 1200Z

Kawasaki 1350 Series

  • Kawasaki 1350S
  • Kawasaki 1350L
  • Kawasaki 1350G
  • Kawasaki 1350Z

Kawasaki 1500 Series

  • Kawasaki 1500S
  • Kawasaki 1500L
  • Kawasaki 1500Z

Additional Models

  • Kawasaki 1650Z
  • Kawasaki 1800Z

Sanland Equipment’s commitment to supporting Kawasaki cone crushers ensures that your equipment remains in peak condition. With a wide range of parts and expert knowledge, Sanland Equipment is your go-to partner for all Kawasaki cone crusher needs.

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