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Our head and tail drums are an INNOVATIVE design by Sanland Equipment to make your conveyor system work smoothly.

They are easily changed and repaired; specially designed with an easy to change shaft and bearings for a simple and repairable drum. They are also designed to prevent rock from being stuck between the belt and the drum.

Whether you need a quick replacement or are planning an upgrade, our drums are ready to help your conveyor work at its best.

We supply head and tail drums in various sizes and materials that are best suited to your application. They are always kept in stock, meaning when you need one, we can send it out fast to get your conveyor system back running. And if you just broke a shaft or a bearing? We can just send that instead.

We also supply alternative drums including motorised head drums stocked in a range of sizes. Typically for conveyors between 450mm and 1000mm.

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