We're a hub of design and manufacturing expertise.

Sanland Equipment been delivering some of the most reliable and cost-effective machinery in the industry.

Our in-house engineering and fabrication teams are bolstered by a global network of manufacturers across five continents, many of whom we have decades-long relationships and joint ventures with. Rest assured, when you opt for a Sanland solution, you’re choosing a product we fully stand behind as the optimal choice for your specific needs.

Throughout nearly three decades in the industry, Sanland Equipment has supplied over 600 units spanning crushers, screens, feeders, and washing systems, either as standalone units or integral parts of complete plants. The vast majority of these machines are still in active operation and remain in serviceable condition, consistently meeting performance expectations. This track record underscores our commitment to delivering durable and reliable solutions that stand the test of time, offering you both operational excellence and peace of mind

Typically, Sanland Equipment delivers value that surpasses alternative options by 30-60% in upfront costs and many times that over the machine’s service lifetime. When we provide a machine or a plant, our focus extends to its entire operational life. We maintain an inventory of essential spare parts and devise a comprehensive wear part supply and maintenance strategy to ensure uninterrupted operations for you.

Most products in our range are either designed or enhanced by our engineers in New Zealand, to be the optimal solution for your needs. If you’re considering upgrading individual components, such as a durable crusher, an efficient vibrating screen, or specialized washing equipment, we usually have popular models in stock. We can also expedite manufacturing or importing of these items thanks to our fast lead times.

With vast experience in global imports and solid relationships with numerous suppliers across 5 continents, we offer a more dependable sourcing service. Our expertise cushions you against the complexities of shipping and currency fluctuations, providing a smoother import process. By working with us, you avoid the risks associated with direct overseas purchases.

Over the years, we’ve catered to specialized needs by designing and delivering a variety of custom plants—from asphalt and sand drying plants to wood recycling facilities. If you have a unique requirement and find limited options in this region, reach out to us. We’re confident we can design a cost-effective, custom solution to meet your needs.

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