Conveyor belt accessories

We offer a range of products to complement your conveyors to help you get the most out of your material handling setup.

our lineup

Trough rollers
Are engineered to absorb the energy of heavy loads, reducing wear and tear on the conveyor belt while ensuring optimal material flow.
Serving as a protective barrier, designed to safeguard and centre materials whilst preventing spillage and material leakage. We offer poly and rubber skirting in bulk rolls or supplied with bracket.
For easy belt tracking and tightness adjustments.
Our belt cleaners efficiently remove debris, preventing material build up that could hinder belt movement and affect overall performance.
These powerful components effectively extract metal contaminants from conveyed materials before they cause damage further in the process.
Our easy to assemble belt joiners are designed for onsite installation with minimal prior experience required. This convenience ensures quick and hassle-free belt joining, reducing downtime and costs.
They come in simple pin joints, or highly durable super joints and simply need to be screwed in on site.

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