Aggregate Washing Parts

Step up your aggregate material washing operations with our comprehensive range of high-quality parts, designed to maximise performance, value, and efficiency.

Our carefully selected products cater to various washing needs, ensuring a seamless process that delivers cleaner, better-quality aggregate.


Screen Washing Kits
Simplify maintenance and improve the effectiveness of your screening process with our all-inclusive screen washing kits, designed for easy installation and optimal cleaning.
Sand Screw Augers
(Whole Screw Assembly): Offering complete screw assemblies for effortless replacement or upgrades, our sand screw augers guarantee a smooth and efficient washing process.
Sand Screw Flight Wear Plates
Engineered for longevity, these wear plates enhance the efficiency of your sand screws by reducing wear and tear, thereby extending the life of the assembly.
Aggregate Washer Wear Paddles
Built for resilience, our aggregate washing paddles deliver thorough cleaning and mixing, enabling you to achieve the highest quality washed aggregate.
Boot Seals for Screw Augers
Ensure leak-free operations and minimize downtime with our durable boot seals, specifically designed to prevent material loss and protect your screw augers.

Makes & Models


The product brands mentioned on our website or in any of our marketing materials are only references to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufacturers.

Unless specified, we have no association with these manufacturers. We supply aftermarket products that are compatible with the machines manufactured by these OEMs.

Any use of these product brands, trademarks, or model names on our website or in our marketing materials is solely for the purpose of identifying the machines our products are compatible with

Terex Powerscreen
  • Trakpactor 250 and 250SR
  • Trakpactor 260 and 260SR
  • Trakpactor 290 and 290SR
  • Trakpactor 320 and 320SR
  • Trakpactor 550 and 550SR
Terex Evoquip
  • Cobra 230 and Cobra 230R
  • Cobra 260R
  • Cobra 290 and Cobra 290R
  • 7000IC and 7000IC-R
  • MJ-9R
Terex Finlay
  • I-1310 and I-1310RS
  • IC-100 and IC-100RS
  • IC-110 and IC-110RS
  • IC-120 and IC-120RS
  • IC-140 and IC-140RS

  • R3 (Destroyer 1011)
  • R3h
  • R5 and R5e
  • R6

  • LT1110 and LT1110S
  • LT1213 and LT1213S
  • MR110
  • I44, I44Rv3, and I44v3
  • I54, I54Rv3, and I54v3
  • I13C and I34
Rubble Master
  • RM 80
  • RM 90GO!
Trio (Weir)
  • APP and APS Series
Sanland Hammermill
  • Kumbee Hammermill
  • A&B Hammermill

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