Vibrating Screen Parts

Specality screen parts

At Sanland Equipment, we offer an unparalleled selection of screening meshes and parts, specifically engineered to meet the high-volume, mining-grade demands of our clients.

Our products are designed to outperform other options on the market, offering superior durability and efficiency at an unbeatable price point.  We service a wide range of screen types and sizes.

We also offer other screen accessory products such as capping rubber, clamps, springs and screen shaft parts. As well as nozzles and spray bars for washing screens.

For those in need of screen springs, we request information on wire thickness, number of coils, and outer diameter.  With our customer-focused approach, we aim to provide the ideal solution for all your screening needs.


Screen Springs

Wide range of steel and rubber springs. Large stock avaliable and also springs made to order.

Clamp Bars

Various sizes and designs of clamp bars and banana bars for tensioning and holding screen meshes

Wedge Bolt Sets

Wedge bolts for locking in the clamp bars to hold meshes.

Stringer Rubber

Good quality and long lasting capping rubber for vibrating screens. Common sizes range from 10mm, 12mm, 15mm. Rolls of standard and long leg sizes stocked.

Hoses and Nozzles

Washing and dust supression spray nozzels in stock. Spray bars made to fit over any size of conveyor belt.

Makes & Models


The product brands mentioned on our website or in any of our marketing materials are only references to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) manufacturers.

Unless specified, we have no association with these manufacturers. We supply aftermarket products that are compatible with the machines manufactured by these OEMs.

Any use of these product brands, trademarks, or model names on our website or in our marketing materials is solely for the purpose of identifying the machines our products are compatible with

Terex Powerscreen
  • Trakpactor 250 and 250SR
  • Trakpactor 260 and 260SR
  • Trakpactor 290 and 290SR
  • Trakpactor 320 and 320SR
  • Trakpactor 550 and 550SR
Terex Evoquip
  • Cobra 230 and Cobra 230R
  • Cobra 260R
  • Cobra 290 and Cobra 290R
  • 7000IC and 7000IC-R
  • MJ-9R
Terex Finlay
  • I-1310 and I-1310RS
  • IC-100 and IC-100RS
  • IC-110 and IC-110RS
  • IC-120 and IC-120RS
  • IC-140 and IC-140RS

  • R3 (Destroyer 1011)
  • R3h
  • R5 and R5e
  • R6

  • LT1110 and LT1110S
  • LT1213 and LT1213S
  • MR110
  • I44, I44Rv3, and I44v3
  • I54, I54Rv3, and I54v3
  • I13C and I34
Rubble Master
  • RM 80
  • RM 90GO!
Trio (Weir)
  • APP and APS Series
Sanland Hammermill
  • Kumbee Hammermill
  • A&B Hammermill

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