Crushing in Secondary and Tertiary Applications

In the realm of crushing machinery, cone crushers stand as a paramount solution, especially when precise gradations are crucial.
Traditionally favoured for secondary and tertiary crushing stages, these robust machines excel in downsizing feed material post-primary crushing, thereby enabling enhanced production efficiency and superior end-product quality. By leveraging their ability to accept larger feed sizes and achieve finer outputs, cone crushers are indispensable in ensuring a smooth transition through the stages of material reduction, ultimately ensuring that mining and quarrying operations achieve the desired particle shape and size.

Sanland Equipment offers a range of static cone crushers, from standalone units to custom-built plants. Our portfolio includes the renowned Symons design and other cone crusher types, perfect for diverse applications. For those seeking adaptability with efficiency, our modular solutions ensure quick installation and scalable performance.

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A blend of tradition and modern efficiency
Static Cone Crushers - Sanland Equipment Symons

Dipping into a legacy that has stood the test of time, the Symons static cone crusher offers an unsurpassed crushing experience, now enriched with modern enhancements. Central to its design is the Hydraulic tramp clearance – a feature that ensures obstruction-free operation by effortlessly releasing any uncrushable materials that might find their way between the mantle and the crusher bowl. 

Complementing this is the fully automatic packaged lubricating oil system, with temperature sensors and built-in fail safes, it ensures that the crusher’s lubrication is always running optimally.

SizeCavity typerecommended
Max feed size
setting range
capacity (tph)
3 ft (914 mm)Fine82 mm9 - 22 mm50 - 100 tph
3 ft (914 mm)Coarse140 mm13 - 38 mm65 - 180 tph
3 ft (914 mm)Extra Coarse144 mm25 - 38 mm130 - 180 tph
4 1/4 ft (1295 mm)Fine110 mm13 - 31 mm120 - 200 tph
4 1/4 ft (1295 mm)Medium170 mm16 - 38 mm145 - 280 tph
4 1/4 ft (1295 mm)Coarse193 mm19 - 51 mm190 - 385 tph
4 1/4 ft (1295 mm)Extra Coarse207 mm25 - 51 mm260 - 395 tph
5 1/2 ft (1676 mm)Fine167 mm16 - 38 mm200 - 360 tph
5 1/2 ft (1676 mm)Medium193 mm22 - 51 mm285 - 460 tph
5 1/2 ft (1676 mm)Coarse215 mm25 - 61 mm330 - 700 tph
5 1/2 ft (1676 mm)Extra Coarse295 mm38 - 64 mm574 - 750 tph

The Symons Gyradisc Cone Crusher, designed primarily for fine or tertiary crushing, stands out in its capability to produce fine particle sizes, making it particularly valuable for producing sand and other fine aggregates.

Distinguished by its shallower crushing angle and longer parallel zone between crushing zones, the Gyradisc crusher’s design ensures the production of a more cubical and evenly-shaped product, which is highly sought-after in modern applications, especially for crafting concrete and asphalt aggregates. Although it features a smaller feed opening compared to standard cone crushers, its specialized design means it might offer fewer adjustment options, but its precision in output is unparalleled. 

The Gyradisc crusher, therefore, is an excellent choice when the focus is on product granularity and shape.

While the Symons standard cone crusher is more versatile in its application and can handle larger feed sizes, the Gyradisc crusher is specialized for producing finer, more uniform output. When choosing between the two, it’s essential to consider the desired output size, shape, and application.

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