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The #1 Best Selling Crusher in the Pacific is Designed with abrasive materials and coastal tropical environments in mind, our hammermills boast a resilience unmatched by any contemporary impact crusher.
With proper care, expect these robust machines to outlive and outperform any other on the market. Our commitment doesn’t end at production; we stock a comprehensive range of parts, from rotor assemblies to a variety of hammer types and all internal components always kept in stock. We pride ourselves on swift dispatches, often fulfilling orders on the same day. For a deeper dive into our offerings and support, reach out today.

Setting the Standard for Horizontal Shaft Impact Crushing:

Currently our region’s most popular crushing machine model and continuing to gain further recognition across New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, the Kumbee Hammermill stands as a testament to versatility. While it’s a darling of the quarrying sector, producing cubical aggregates paramount for construction, its prowess extends to the mining industry, expertly fragmenting ore to unveil the valuable minerals encased. The Kumbee hammermill has also seen success in other industries such as agricultural feed processing and glass recycling.

What sets it apart? The Kumbee Hammermill produces perfectly cubed products, adeptly filtering out soft stone. Even materials that usually jam other equipment are effortlessly processed, thanks to its unique design that ensures significant stone and gravel interaction with the breaker plates, clearing any build-up. For those seeking diverse output, our hammermill can be tuned to produce a rich mix of sand and dust.

Notable Features:

  • Most Valuable Crusher: Recognized as the single best investment for crushers and quarrying equipment in the market, delivering unparalleled returns.
  • Excellent Product Shape: Impact crushing with hammermills product with consistently cubical shape with minimal flaky products.
  • High Reduction Ratio: Achieve finer outputs with less effort. Make a high ratio of sand and dust with a single pass.
  • Robust Wear Design: Built with chrome iron castings for prolonged life. Rotor chamber lined with high resistant and simple wear parts.
  • Cost-Efficient Maintenance:  Unique design minimizes material-on-metal contact, leading to lower maintenance costs and suitability for crushing the most abrasive materials.
  • Product Versatility:  Capable of handling up to 125mm feed, producing a diverse range of products including roadbase, sealing chip, and concrete aggregates.
  • Various Industrial Applications: Proven for hard rock processing, concrete recycling, agricultural feed processing, asphalt and glass recycling, and gold processing.
  • Hammer Options: Choose between standard and ceramic hammer types, based on your requirements.
  • Comprehensive Lifetime Support: Designed and manufactured in-house in Auckland, New Zealand. A complete inventory of spare parts, including shaft assemblies and motors, is readily available at Sanland Equipment’s Auckland warehouse.


Embrace the excellence of Kumbee Hammermill, where innovation meets durability. The Kumbee Hammermill is built right here in our workshop in Auckland. Available in sizes 1 and 1.5, along with its sister machine the A&B Hammermill/Lime mill. Our Kumbee 1 and 1.5 is also designed to have mostly common and interchangeable wear parts.

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Kumbee Hammermill Specifications

TypeKumbee 1Kumbee 1.5
Max feed size125 mm125 mm
Feed Opening550 x 312 mm830 x 410 mm
Length1840 mm1840 mm
Width Over Shaft1296 mm1585 mm
Width over Frame626 mm880 mm
Height1613 mm1613 mm
RPM600 / 900600 / 900
Power Requirement25 - 37 kw50 - 80 kw
Machine Weight4,000 kg5,000 kg
Production rate (hard rock)~50 tph~75 tph

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