Experience economical screening and washing efficiency

In industries like construction and mining, material washing is indispensable for ensuring high-quality raw materials.

Experience economical screening and washing efficiency with Sanland Equipment’s advanced range of washing screens. Expertly engineered to separate and clean various types of materials, our washing screens are the go-to choice for construction and mining professionals. 

Equipped with cutting-edge spray bars and nozzles, our screens offer uniform water distribution, adding an extra layer of cleaning for optimal fine material separation. We also provide specialized screen meshes designed to handle challenging conditions, such as wet and sticky materials. Built for durability and ease of maintenance, our washing screens are your solution for achieving top-tier product quality.

We supply specialized spraying equipment, including spray bars and nozzles. These accessories offer an extra layer of cleaning by uniformly distributing water, facilitating fine separation. Moreover, we provide modifications to screens and have a range of screen meshes specifically designed to handle wet and sticky materials effectively.

Complementing our washing screens, our high-efficiency dewatering screens effectively remove excess moisture, ensuring your aggregates are storage or use ready. Built for durability, ease of maintenance, and customizable settings, our washing and dewatering solutions are the keys to top-tier product quality.

Reach out to us today and elevate your material washing and screening processes.

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