The Swiss Army Knife of Recycling

Creating a circular economy is a win-win for all. Consumers can dispose of waste responsibly, our planet benefits from sustainable resource use, and recyclers transform waste into new products. While not a new idea, technological advancements have made recycling increasingly cost-effective, bolstered by social and governmental incentives to minimise waste.

Meet the recycler’s dream: the Komplet Krokodile. This heavy-duty, slow-speed shredder is a multi-purpose marvel. From asphalt, construction and demolition material to household and green waste, even processing softer rocks like limestone, this machine does it all.

The Komplet Krokodile is remarkably user-friendly. Operated via remote control with automated shredding settings available, it can be both loaded and run by a single individual. Unlike traditional crushers, which require specialised knowledge and are prone to costly downtime if mishandled, the Krokodile eliminates such concerns. Anything it can’t process, like thicker steel, is simply reversed back out.

This machine empowers even those with minimal crusher experience to efficiently process materials. It can handle over 100 tph of construction waste and concrete rebar, breaking it down to sizes as small as 60mm in a single pass—an unprecedented capability. Moreover, after tackling construction waste, it can switch gears to process up to 20 tph of general waste and wood debris.

The adjustable sidewalls offer a closed side setting range of 60-150mm, letting you customize the end product’s size. It can easily process moderate steel pieces—such as rebar in concrete—and an overband magnet neatly separates them.

Designed for maneuverability, the Krokodile is compact and weighs just 16 tons, yet its capabilities far exceed its size. Its components are easily maintained, and supported by a robust inventory of spare parts. Qualified for governmental waste minimisation funding and “green loans,” this machine can be acquired at a significant subsidy.

Recycling is the modern-day alchemy for the savvy operator equipped to handle waste. The Krokodile stands in a class of its own for potential, and we at Sanland Equipment are thrilled to introduce it to New Zealand, helping us take significant strides toward a circular economy.

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